Cars have come into our lives so firmly that we can’t even conceive of being without a vehicle. Take a trip out of city, go to the mountains with a family or go for a ride around the environs – we have become accustomed to all these things and can’t represent how to carry on ourselves heavy barbecues, folding chairs, food and drinks - the necessary things for a comfortable recreation in the open air.

But what is to be done if you don’t have your own car but want to enjoy all the pleasures of the comfortable journey?

There is only one answer to this question – to rent or hire a car. Especially, taking into consideration the fact that car rental service is becoming more and more popular in Kyrgyzstan.

Let’s pass from words to deeds: the Kyrgyzstan’s rent-a-car market already has some companies which can provide you with car rentals you need. Let’s try to understand in what they differ and how to choose the right rental car.

It’s not a secret that you’re unlikely to find a car for rent of 2011-2013 model years at the rental cars in Bishkek’s  market. Frequently, these are cars that were produced 5-10 years ago. Of no doubt, such vehicles will require greater technical care. As a rule, small companies, providing car rentals, work on the off-chance, i.e. rent cars till the first break-down, not caring about the car’s state. And if this break-down, "according to the Sod’s law", is going to happen to you?

Many drivers are aware of the situation when a car can fade somewhere “away from civilization”  - there are a lot of such places in Kyrgyzstan. And there is no chance of getting any help. In this situation you can hope only for help from your close friends, who can transport your vehicle to the service station of high quality.

The same situation can arise with a rented car.

To secure oneself from such incidents, it’s better to rent cars in companies, where a proper maintenance is provided for vehicles. A perfect choice is to rent a car in Bishkek in the company which holds its own service station. In this case, all vehicles will undergo a scheduled maintenance and a compulsory inspection of the vehicle’s technical state before its leasing.

In this way you’ll be secured against upsetting situation with a break-down.

Even if it happens while a prolonged period of rent, the we will provide you with a replacement vehicle, not to change your plans, at its own expense or will provide a wrecker if an emergency transportation is necessary.

One more unpleasant situation a customer can face with is a road accident. The situation is sad, and, as a rule, it doesn’t even depend on the driver. Of course, we wish everyone not to get in such situations.

However, you must be familiar with the situation, when the car, driving ahead, slows down at a traffic light or pedestrian crossing, and a car, driving behind, having lost control, runs into it.

First, we need to say that there is no mandatory insurance policy in Kyrgyzstan. Of course, in this situation, the car’s owner, whose vehicle lost control, is to be blamed, but as statistics shows there are cases when the car doesn’t belong to the author of the accident, when he doesn’t have money to compensate for damages and he even doesn’t think of himself to be guilty. Thus, both vehicles will be transported to the car pound and will be there till all the accident circumstances are clarified. And then legal proceedings start, which take so much time and nerves. And under the terms of the agreement, the lessee is obliged to return the car in the same condition it was taken.

Thus, it turns out that the lessee, among other things is obliged to spend lots of money for the repair of rented car and once again spend time and nerves on its recovery. That is, the problem is both literally and figuratively "out of the blue."

The only thing to do is to insure a rented vehicle in Bishkek. Only a few companies can provide insurance for the vehicle for rent in Kyrgyzstan.

If the insured vehicle is damaged part of expenses, and sometimes, all expenses are covered by the insurance company. Moreover, there are companies that take control of emergency situations. All the client has to do is to call company’s office and to report about the accident - all following negotiations are already carried by company’s employees, releasing the lessee from wasting time and nerves.

In summary, we can sum it up: if you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, it is advisable to apply to a large company that is directly involved in maintenance and after-sales service of vehicles.

You have to be confident in a good technical condition of the car – for this you have to either diagnose a car, or to get guarantees from the rental company that the vehicle is regularly taken for maintenance before leasing. And, finally, it is necessary to check whether the rented vehicle is insured.

Remember these important aspects!

Well, what kind of car to rent and where – to take a decision is only up to you!