Italy opens a theme park for foodies

FICO Eataly World theme park of amusements to be opened in 2015 in Bologna, the city known as the mecca for gourmets from the whole world . The place might have been chosen not by chance: Italy is the place where lasagna, tortellini and famous Bolognese sauce were invented, to say nothing about Modena - the home of balsamic vinegar and Parma, where Parmesan and Parma ham are produced. No wonder that people usually call Bologna a “fatty” (la grassa), and the famous network of Italian stores chose just that city to open the first theme park.

Oscar Farinetti, company’s general manager, expects international success and is planning to give a strong impetus to the growth of economy in that region. According to his estimates, the expected annual income from gastronomic Disneyland will total EUR 118 million. Farinetti is also planning to create 5,000 new jobs within 5 years.

Amusement park with rides, 125 restaurants, grocery stores, laboratories and a giant aquarium with aquatic fauna of the Mediterranean will take the area equal to 9 hectares. Besides, the organizers also plan to conduct seminars, for this purpose 15 classrooms with a capacity of up to 700 people were built.