Culture and customs

Kyrgyz customs and culture

Traditions of the Kyrgyz people, that developed over the centuries in their life and allowed them to survive, have always been of a great interest to travelers, researchers and tourists.


Nomadic way of life imposed some certain conditions on human life. This meant that a dwelling had to be convenient and adapted for life. A traditional housing of the Kyrgyz was a yurt which was based on a wooden frame, arranged in a circle that ended with a domed tent on the top. In the center of the tent was a hole for the smoke coming from the hearth, which was made for keeping yurts warm in winter. A hearth was situated in the yurt's center. The place behind it was the most honorable.


Nomadic life of the Kyrgyz defined their public way of life. Family holidays, which were celebrated by all inhabitants, upset monotonous tide of life in nomads' encampments. It could be a birth of the boy, his circumcision, weddings or funerals. All events were accompanied by lavish refreshments. The arrival of tellers and musicians to villages was always a great event, which was visited by lots of people. In winter men held fetes, where they played komuz (a stringed musical instrument) and played different games.


Traditionally, a leading position in oral Kyrgyz folklore takes an epic genre, the pearl of which is the heroic epic - trilogy "Manas", which tells us about a hero Manas and his deeds, about his son Semetei and grandson Seitek. The image of the Kyrgyz woman reflects a portrait of Kanykei - wife of Manas, who was intelligent, insightful and beautiful. The epic depicts Kyrgyz life, their weddings, funerals, celebrations and family life.


Kyrgyz national games and sports represent a fascinating and exciting spectacle. It will be interesting for you not only to watch them but also to take part in them, to check your strength, agility and dexterity. As many centuries ago, a favorite pastime of the Kyrgyz is still hunting with birds of prey and horse competitions. Since ancient times the Kyrgyz have been excellent horsemen due to their lifestyle. None of the national holidays or celebrations could do without power contests among men.

National cuisine

The Kyrgyz Republic is famous not only as a country with picturesque nature, but also as a land with ancient and distinctive culture, with some individual elements of the nomadic lifestyle remained, which now adjoin with modern civilization. Kyrgyz national cuisine is of special interest for people arriving from other countries. The most ancient traditions remained in cooking food. One of the features of the Kyrgyz cuisine is that most of the products retain their natural look and taste. The main of them are meat, milk, fruits and vegetables, farinaceous foods is widely used as well.