Dubai authorities announced plans to expand the medical infrastructure of the emirate by 2020, so that 500,000 tourists coming for treatment could visit the country every year.

By 2020, Dubai will construct 22 additional hospitals and almost 4000 health workers will be taken for work.

"Our goal is to attract 500,000 people every...


Royal Alcazar in Seville will open its doors for night excursions and performances, taking into consideration the last year’s success, when a great amount of tourists visited the palace and its gardens during 72 nights.

The palace has no age. Future, present and past of Seville mix here. Alcazar’s rich history offers us to recall the...


FICO Eataly World theme park of amusements to be opened in 2015 in Bologna, the city known as the mecca for gourmets from the whole world . The place might have been chosen not by chance: Italy is the place where lasagna, tortellini and famous Bolognese sauce were invented, to say nothing about Modena - the home of balsamic vinegar and Parma,...