General information

Off-Road tours are trips and travels aimed at driving along impassable roads in SUVs.

The tours can act either as a practice in driving along rough roads or as a tour to sights of difficult access.

All off-road tours can be divided into three categories depending on the tourists’ personal participation:

- as a passenger (a guide is at the wheel);

- as a driver in the rented SUV (accompanied by the instructor);

- as a driver  travelling in one’s own off-road vehicle (also accompanied by the instructor).

All of these Off-road tours is providing by “Evi-Tours”. You may enjoy offroad tours over all the Kyrgyzstan, CA Countries. Just contact us, and we will find the best tour program specially for you.

Offroad tours, as well as the other types of tourism, include rich excursion program and give us an opportunity to see the nature’s beauty and to visit new places with their distinctive cultural and historical features.

Such tours are interesting due to various landscapes and numerous old relics and monuments.

Offroad tours variety makes it possible to choose the trip depending on your preferences.

Taking part in offroad tours gives you obvious advantages, such as – travelling in a small company, absence of exhausting physical activities and necessity of carrying heavy baggage.

The tour’s duration varies from several hours up to a few days and even weeks. In most cases offroad tours are implemented in warm time of year but there’s also a possibility of setting out in winter though only for a couple of days.

While having a tour in the SUVs tourists have a possibility to overcome natural obstacles and to take part in team playings, such as – competitions between vehicles’ crews and intellectual orientation. These types of activities are aimed at the group’s rally.

The trips are implemented while daylight, at night the tourists prefer to stay in tents.

Nowadays offroad tours enjoy wide popularity and there’s a great demand for them.

Tourists are ready to pay money for combination of comfort, camping holiday and some kind of extreme.

It follows that offroad tours’ future is quite optimistic.