«Mountain Lakes and Passes» Cycling Tour

We offer you to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of mountains, alpine forests and lakes for the good of your health. In addition to the beauties of nature we’ll see historical monuments, taste delicious national cuisine, stay for the night in yurts, will bathe in mineral springs and will enjoy the eastern hospitality!

We wish you a nice journey!

Day 1 Manas Airport - Bishkek

Meeting at the airport. Arrival and accommodation at the hotel. After having breakfast we’ll cycle around the capital, will ride along silent alleys and side streets and will see historical monuments. Lunch at the café – national cuisine.Dinner and night at the hotel.

Day 2 Bishkek – Suusamyr – Kokomeren

After breakfast we’ll take a drive to the Suusamyr pass. Our way will run through magnificent mountain ridges. On the way we’ll make stops to take nice pictures. Later on we will ride our bicycles along the dirty roads and along a mountain river. Overnight in tents on the bank of the river among sandy castles.

Day 3 Kokomeren - Kara-Keche - Lake Song-Kol

Today we’re making our way to the stunning alpine lake - Song-Kol. The ascent to the lake is not easy, but very picturesque. The nature landscape is almost pristine. Here we can meet rare animals and plants. Overnight in yurts – an ancient dwelling of nomads. There you can also taste “kymyz” - a dairy milk that’s made of mare’s milk.

Day 4 Lake Song-Kol – Halt in the valley

We’re continuing our way to the shore of Lake Song-Kol, further we’re going down the winding serpentine, which is called “38 parrots” (because of 38 turns). It’s known that 20 mountain rivers flow into the lake and only one of them flows out. There we’ll see a wonderful waterfall. On getting over the pass we’ll find ourselves in the valley, where we’ll make a halt. Overnight in the open air in the picturesque valley.

Day 5 A halt in the valley – Dzhalpakbel Pass – Korumdu River

Today we’ll get over one more pass – Dzhalpakbel. During our trip we’ll see all the beauties of flora and fauna and the climate of high mountains and coniferous forests will do good to your health.

Day 6 Bulgart River – Dzhili-Suu River

Today you’ll have an opportunity to bathe in thermal mineral springs of Dzhili-Suu and feel all the healing features of the water, which the nature gave us itself. Within 15 minutes of bathing in hydrogen sulfide your body will relax.

Day 7 A hike to Lake Tashi-Kol

Let’s leave our bicycles for a while and hike to the mountain lake - Tashi-Kol, which is translated as a Leaky lake. Indeed, the water goes down to the underground crater and seeps through the rocks. Wild beauty of the lake’s shore will impress you greatly.

Day 8 Tosor pass – Barskaun

Finally, we get to the last pass on our route. Tosor is considered to be the most difficult pass, but there you’ll see lots of wonderful scenes. From the Tosor Pass you’ll see a wonderful lake - Issyk-Kol. After long mountain valleys and passes you’ll relax on the sunny beach and stay for the night in comfortable beds at the hotel.

Day 9 Barskaun – Dzheti-Oguz – Bishkek

Today we’re coming back to Bishkek. On the way we’ll visit a famous Dzheti-Oguz Gorge ( “Seven Bulls” red rocks and “Broken Heart” rock – a place of pilgrimage for all couples of sweethearts). A combination of green forests and red rocks will impress you greatly. By the evening we’ll get to the town and will accommodate at the hotel.

During our tour you’ll enjoy picturesque landscapes, hot mineral springs, cool mountain air rich in oxygen, sandy beaches, will see national traditions and taste delicious national cuisine as well.

So, it’s time to gather all your friends and enjoy this tour!


• Pick-up/delivery to Manas Airport

• Car maintenance service

• Driver/mechanic

• Accommodation

• Meals (3 times)

• Mineral water, lunch-boxes

• Excursions


• Air tickets

• For single rooms and early check-in - extra charge $150

• Visa support

• Strong drinks

• Costs, not mentioned above