Mounting Ski Tour « Winter in Kyrgyzstan»

You will ride on one of the best ski resorts in the world! The hotel, where you will be accommodated, is located a few meters from the cable road. The resort is equipped with different alpine skiing tracks for children, beginners and professionals. Besides, we’ll visit the beautiful "Ala-Archa" nature reserve and will bathe in thermal mineral springs, the water of which, even in winter is 36 deg. above zero.

Day 1.

Meeting at the airport.Accommodation at the hotels “Rich Hotel” or “Asia Mountains”.

Breakfast and time for restat the hotel.

A visit to the “Ala-Archa” National Natural Reserve Park (one of the most attendant places in Kyrgyzstan). This national park was founded in 1976 for preservation unique and threatened species of flora and fauna. The square of the park is around 20 000 ha, it is occupied with mountain rivers and various types of confers. Excursion to Museum of Local Lore.Lunch and dinner at the cafe (national and European cuisine).

Day 2.

Breakfast at the hotel.A trip to Cholpon-Ata city (Lake Issyk-Kul).

There are beautiful and picturesque mountains and rivers along the way to the lake. You have a wonderful possibility to admire the scenery and make stunning pictures or record the video.

A visit to BuranaTower – a minaret, which was built in the 11th century, at the territory of Balasagun town of KarakhanidKhaganate.  This Khaganate was the biggest feudal country of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.  In the 15th century the khaganate collapsed and people left towns, all buildings became dilapidated and destroyed. But the BuranaTower is still the silent witness of the splendor capital of Karakhanid state.  Arrival and accommodation at the “Raduga” recreation center.Dinner and night at the center.

Day 3.

The day at the “Raduga” recreation center.

You may visit SPA. There are a lot of different entertaining facilities on the territory of the center. Within the day a trip to the ethnic complex “RuhOrdo” (Museum of five religions).  The creator of this complex, Tashkula Kereksizov, intended to unite the five main religions: Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Judaism and Buddhism  at one place.  The God is single for everybody – this is the postulate of spiritual center.

A visit to souvenir shops.

Day 4.

A trip to “Karakol” mounting ski resort. This resort is one of the best mounting ski resorts in the world. On the way: Semenovskoe and Grigorievskoe gorges. Competent guide will tell many interesting facts about these gorges.  Next stop is at the mineral, thermal springs of “Tash-Suu”.  The temperature of water is + 40 degrees.

Arrival at the “Karakol”mounting ski resort.

5th day – 6 th day– 7 thday – 8th day – 9th day

Recreation at the “Karakol” mounting ski resort.  Hotel, where you will be accommodated, is situated next to the chair lift!!!  There are lots of different routes for skiing, for kids and beginners as well as for ski-pros.  There is a shop where you can take ski-equipment for rent and cafes with hot mulled wine.

In the evening of the 9th day there is a departure for Manas Airport. Dinner is on the way to the airport.

The cost of tour includes:

  • Transfers
  • Minivan Mitusubishi Delica
  • Fuel cost
  • The cost of driver service, food and lodging
  • Food
  • Accommodation at the hotels and mounting-ski resorts
  • Entrance fees to museums and parks
  • Ski-pass (tickets for chair lift at the mounting ski resort)