Off-road tour via Lake Kol-Suu

 You’ll be impressed greatly on seeing the unique alpine Lake Kel-Suu with its emerald green water. In addition to beauties of nature we’ll see national horseback games, go horse riding, will spend nights in national yurts on the lakeside and will see historical monuments as well.

Our trip will do good to your health as you can bathe in thermal mineral springs!

Day 1. Bishkek-Kochkorka-Son-Kul

Day 2. Son-Kul - Tash-Rabat

Day 3. Tash-Rabat – Kol-Suu

Day 4. Kol-Suu – Naryn – Kichi-Naryn

Day 5. Kichi-Naryn – Chon-Kemin

Day 6. Chon-Kemin – Bishkek – “Manas” Airport

Day 1. Bishkek-Kochkorka-Son-Kul

Meeting at the airport. After breakfast we’ll make our way to the most beautiful mountain lake – Son-Kul. Picnic. A great opportunity to take nice pictures, make video,take the mountain air and enjoy the views of nature. Arrival at LakeSon-Kul by the evening. After having supper you’ll see the show of national horse games. Overnight stay in national yurts on the shore of the lake.

Day 2. Son-Kul - Tash-Rabat

After breakfast we’ll drive to the mountain from which the entire Lake Son-Kul can be seen. Laterafterthatwe’llmovetoTash-Rabat - a historical monument, founded by monks in the X-th century. In the era of Silk Road flourishing, Tash-Rabat lost its religious meaning and served as a hotel, i.e. a caravansary. It’s surrounded by mountain ridges. Picnic.A passage over several passes. Supper and overnight stay in national yurts. A Russian bath-by request.

Day 3.Tash-Rabat – Kol-Suu

Breakfast. A trip to the picturesque alpine Lake Kol-Suu, situated in the south-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan near the border with China.The lake is located at the height of 3400 m above the sea level in the Kokshaal-Too ridge (Kok-Kiya Valley, watershed of the Ak-Sai River). OnallsidesLakeSon-Kul is surrounded by rocks with a great number of caves, grottos and hollows. There’re also small stone islands on the lake itself. To fully enjoy beautiful views of the lake, we recommend you to go for a row.

Lunch in the open air - on the way.Boat trips on the lake.

Dinner – on the shore of the lake. Night in tents. *

Day 4. Kol-Suu – Naryn – Kichi-Naryn

Breakfast. A trip to the Kichi-Naryn gorge.  Lunch at the café in Naryn. After lunch our way will pass along the Naryn River. Small passes on the way. Thermal springs. Coffee break – on the way. Arrival in Kichi-Naryn by the evening. Dinner on the bank of the river. Night in tents.

Day 5. Kichi-Naryn – Chon-Kemin

A ride to Chon-Kemin village.  Arrival and accommodation in “Ashuu” guest house.  Lunch (national cuisine). Outdoor activities. Horseback riding, fishing, rafting – by request. Dinner.Night.Ontheway- apassageoverthehighestpass – Tosor, which is themostdifficult pass during the whole off-road tour. Itsheightisabout 4000 m. Swimming in Lake Issyk-Kul.

Day 6. Chon-Kemin – Bishkek – “Manas” Airport

Breakfast.Forextremelovers – rafting (a ride down the mountain river), horseback riding and etc. After lunch - coming back to Bishkek. On the way–a visit to the medieval Balasagun town where the Burana Tower with stone monuments is situated. Arrival in Bishkek, a visit to the bazaar. Dinner. Transfer to the airport.


- Transportation through the whole tour (4 people – SUV) + car maintenance services.

- Transfer to “Manas” Airport (there and back)

- Meals

- Accommodation:

Son-Kul – Yurt camp

Tash-Rabat – Yurt camp

Kol-Suu – Night in tents

Kichi-Naryn–Night in tents

Kemin – “Ashuu” guest house

- Guide

- Driver/mechanic

- Cook

- Border permits

- Folklore show

- Rent of inflatable boats for excursions to the lakes, tents

- Horsebackridingin “Ashuu” – cultural and ethnic complex

- Mineralwatersupply


- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
 * If there are high water levels in the river on the way to Lake Kol-Suu and vehicles cannot pass, tourists and equipment will be transferredon horsebacks.

Every tourist should have:

- Warm and comfortable clothes and shoes

- Sunscreen and sunglasses

- Individual sleeping bag

Recommendations for tourists:

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental, and throughout the day the temperature in the mountains can range from + 30 up to -15 degrees, that’s why we recommend the tourists to have warm shoes, warm clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses with them.