A sightseeing sprint-tour

Better than mountains can be only mountains" ... we offer you to experience this during our tour, which will run through beautiful gorges and alpine lakes (Song-Kol) and through the valley of the famous relict walnut forests (Arslanbob). You’ll be impressed deeply with the fabulous scenery, delicious national cuisine and participation in the process of weaving a felt rug! Thanks to our guide, you will learn a lot of legends and historical facts.

Short itinerary

Day 1. Bishkek - Chichkan

Day 2.Chichkan– Arslanbob

Day 3.Arslanbob - Kazarman

Day 4.Kazarman – Tash-Rabat

Day 5.Tash-Rabat  - Son-Kul

Day 6. Son-Kul – Kochkorka - Kemin

Day 7.Kemin – Bishkek

Duration: 7 days

Day 1. Bishkek – Chichkan

Our guide will meet you at the “Manas” InternationalAirport. After that we will make our way towards the Chichkan gorge. The road runs along the southern part. We will drive by a magnificent pass, known as Too-Ashuu (3000 m above the sea level).This road is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. On the way you’ll be able to take lots of nice pictures. Supper and overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 2.Chichkan– Arslanbob

After having breakfast we’ll head for a unique valley of walnut forests, located in Arslanbob at the height of 1600 m above the sea level. The valley is famous for its excellent health resorts. Dinner in Tash-Kumyr village – national cuisine. Supper and overnight stay in the guest house in Arslanbob.

Day 3.Arslanbob – Kazarman

Today we’re going to visit Kazarman village. More than 93% of the country’s territory is covered by Tien-ShanMountains. In its remote places you can meet real nomads. These places is a true heaven for those people who are fond of mountains and unique culture. The road will be passing through incredibly beautiful gorges and along mountain rivers against the background of amazing landscapes. Dinner in Dzhalal-Abad town – a town, which is situated in the Fergana Valley and has a population of about 89.000 people. In Dzhalal-Abad you’ll have an opportunity to see a famous Uzgen tower, built in the 11-th century by Karakhanids and a mausoleum as well. Supper and overnight stay in the guest house in Kazarman village.

Day 4.Kazarman – Tash-Rabat

Breakfast. A trip to Tash-Rabat –a historical monument, founded by monks in the X-thcentury.In the era of Silk Road flourishing, Tash-Rabat lost its religious meaning and served as a hotel, i.e. a caravansary. It’s surrounded by mountain ridges. A picnic in the open air.A passage through several passes.Supper and overnight stay in national jurts.A Russian bath-optional.

Day 5.Tash-Rabat – Song-Kol

Breakfast.A trip to Lake Son-Kul.A picnic on the bank of the river.A passage over a picturesque pass. By the evening you’ll get to the lake. Horse games.Supper and overnight stay in national jurts.

Day 6. Song-Kol – Kochkorka – Kemin

After breakfast we’ll make our way to Kemin village. The way will be passing through Kochkor village where we’ll visit a small “Applied art and crafts” Museum and will see a show of weaving a felt carpet. You’ll also be given an opportunity to take part in weaving and make your own carpet. Supper and overnight stay in “Ashu” guest house.

Day 7.Kemin – Bishkek

Today we’re coming back to Bishkek. Along our way we’ll visit a medieval Balasagun town with Burana tower in it and stone statues. For extreme lovers – rafting (a ride down a mountain river).Final supper.Overnight stay in the hotel.


-Provision with transport during the whole tour (minivan for 2-4 people; minibus for 8 people and more)

-Full board


-Bishkek – “Rich” hotel

-Chichkan – “Ilbirs” hotel complex (or “Chichkan” tourist complex)

-Arslanbob – Guest house

-Kazarman – yurt

-Song-Kol – yurt

-Kemin-“Ashu” guest house

-English-speaking guide

-Museum entrance tickets

-Folklore show  

-Carpet weaving                                                                              

-Mineral water supply

- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
Recommendations for tourists:

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental, and throughout the day the temperature in the mountains can range from + 30 up to -15 degrees, that’s why we recommend the tourists to have warm shoes, warm clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses with them, as well as individual sleeping bags (in case of staying for a night in tents).