Spain: Alcazar introduces excursions “for those people who don’t sleep”

Royal Alcazar in Seville will open its doors for night excursions and performances, taking into consideration the last year’s success, when a great amount of tourists visited the palace and its gardens during 72 nights.

The palace has no age. Future, present and past of Seville mix here. Alcazar’s rich history offers us to recall the culture of those peoples who ever attended the palace’s territory and made their contribution on architecture and the way of life of today’s Spaniards. Seville was visited by Romans, Visigoths, Jews and Christians. Cultural values of these people are deeply intertwined in the palace, known as Royal Alcazar.

Night program in Alcazar - neither more nor less than a theatre performance, performed by a troupe of Classical Theatre, situated in Seville. The audience will see the protagonists of all civilizations. For example, the Arab warrior and poet Al- Mu'tamid, former Emir of Seville in 1069-1091 or the wife of Ferdinand of Aragon, known as Isabella of Castile, their dynastic marriage marked the start of the unification of Spain in a single state.

Last year a night program had a smashing success, that’s why increase of number of visitors is expected in new season.

Royal Alcazar is going to start accepting night guests from March 28 on Fridays and Saturdays, performing 4 presentations per night.