Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for people who like fishing. This small Republic has 923 lakes and more than 3500 little rivers and mounting streams.  Fishing at the Kyrgyzstan gives you a lot of fun and let you to relax from noisy and crowded city. 

 To get full satisfaction with and not to be disappointed from the fishing, you need to follow some instructions which are set at the Kyrgyzstan.

After USSR collapsed, the quantity of fries which were sent to the rivers, were reduced.  It caused, due to the lack of funds at the fishing sector of Kyrgyzstan. As the result only private fishing sector is still functional.

From April till October at the Kyrgyzstan the season of mounting fishing starts. There is also very popular so called “Russian fishing”.  Every season of fishing has its own advantages. For example, at the autumn, there is a possibility of good rainbow trout catch at the South Coast of Issyk-Kul Lake.  Trout can be caught within the whole year, but only at the falls these fish come close to the shore. Fish is tastier and fatty only in fall, since only within this period of time most of fish goes for fatten.  From December till March you may catch such fish as pikeperch and bream at the North coast of the Issyk-Kul lake, Tup’s  bay.

Rivers of Kyrgyzstan are full of such fish as ottoman, Darya’s trout and several types of marinka.  At the lakes you may catch pikes, carps, roaches, perch and silver crucian.

For fishing fans it is allowed to use the following equipment such as fishing rod, spinning rod, spinner, fishing tackles but not more than 5 pieces for one person and fishing gun for only factory manufactured. It is allowed to possess not more than 10 pieces of fish hook, no matter how many fish rods you have. The limit of one catch per 24 hours can not to exceed 5 kilograms for one person. If one fish weights more than 5 kilogram it can’t be considered as default. But if you catch several such big fishes it is better for you to cook it and eat right at the place, to avoid the fish’s withdrawal.   Within spawning period, the fishing is prohibited.  It is prohibited as well to catch fish with fishing net, electrical fishing rods, current, seine and explosive and poisoned means.

All troublemakers can be fined or even imprisoned depends on their default.  Criminal punishment can be used only about inveterate poachers.

So all you need is to follow all instructions listed about  to get the maximum pleasure form the fishing.