Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a wonderful kind of leisure that combines contact with animals and the elements of trekking and ecotourism.

From times immemorial, the horse was an indispensable assistant and a friend for a man. There was a need in horse everywhere: on the battlefield, in a peaceful arable land, while hunting and travelling. At the present time, interest in horses has not disappeared.

Many horse trails run across historical landmarks, memorable places and nature reserves.

For a horseback riding unpretentious and courageous horses of local breeds are suited best, many of which have soft and comfortable saddles for riders.

Horseback riding tours do not exclude the possibility of moving on foot, what allows distributing the loads evenly.  

The routes can pass along any roads, forest and mountain trails. Experienced instructors will familiarize you with the horse harness and will teach you riding skills.

Some horseback riding tours can be combined with a stay at the tourist complexes or tourist shelters , as well as with other exciting active tours .