Kymyz treatment

Kymyz treatment means a use of kymyz for medical purposes. Kymyz is a drink made from mare’s (less cow’s or camel’s) fermented milk; it was known among nomadic peoples since antiquity. Kymyz is made from raw milk by its fermentation with lactic acid bacteria and dairy yeast at a temperature of 26 - 28 ° C. A ready beverage represents a fizzy foaming drink with an alcohol smell and taste.

The first mention of kymyz was found in the writings of the ancient Greek historian (484-424 BC), who, describing the Scythian way of life, said that the favorite beverage of these people was a special drink made by whisking mare's milk in deep tubs.

Kymyz is a good diuretic and cholagogue agent. It’s easily digested by a weak, emaciated organism, and at the same time promotes appetite, improves decomposition of food and enhances its absorption in the small intestine, improving peristalsis of the alimentary canal.

Kymyz also reduces the level of cholesterol in the human body, what significantly increases the value of this medicinal drink. The rich content of iron in kymyz is necessary for people who suffer from anemia, as it increases the level of hemoglobin in blood and improves leukogram.

Kymyz is used in therapeutic purposes for treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis or lymphatic tuberculosis, extreme emaciation, anemia, duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer, and provides good results in treatment of dysentery and typhoid fever.

Healthful effects of kymyz on diseases of the nervous system are widely recognized.

It was established that patients, after a course of kymyz treatment, keep capacity for work, good health and weight better and longer than after visits to health resorts. It is explained by the fact that profound changes of metabolism happen because of the influence of kymyz treatment, which continues functioning later in the future.

Having an anesthetic effect, carbon dioxide reduces increased irritability of the mucous coat of stomach. Kymyz is rich with vitamin C (three times more than in cows' milk).

Starting the kymyz treatment, we must remember that this is a specific drink you must adjust to.

Doctors recommend starting to drink it with small doses of up to 50 milliliters, gradually increasing the dose to 250 milliliters or more, bringing the daily rate of consumption to three liters .

There are almost no contraindications to the use of kymyz. The only restriction exists for patients with gastritis having peracidity of gastric juice.

Kymyz drinking increases the digestibility of proteins and fat.

Medical science established that this beverage is useful especially for urban residents.