Diving is the underwater swimming using special devices, providing autonomous air supply (or another mixture of gas) for breathing under water over a period of several minutes up to 12 hours and more; everything depends on the depth, type of the breathing apparatus and on the consumption of gas mixture by a diver. Diving is divided into four types: recreational diving, sports diving, technical diving and professional diving (or commercial).

For swimming under water you need to have a set of skills to solve vast majority of problems appearing when submerging (e.g. mask fogging, loss of control, regulation of buoyancy and so on). These skills and knowledge are acquired during the training.

Basic swimmer’s equipment consists of only three items: flippers, a mask and a snorkel (set #1), that makes it possible to dive when holding your breath (free diving) or floating on the water surface, keeping the head under water (snorkeling).

Of course, no one forbids diving having no any equipment, but your diving will be more comfortable if there’s at least a mask available.

In Kyrgyzstan, diving is a rather new kind of leisure, but indescribably fascinating. The presence of a high mountain lake with unique natural, temperature, geographic and travel conditions creates possibilities for rapid and successful development of the diving industry in Kyrgyzstan.

The most important reason to choose Lake Issyk-Kul as an area for scuba diving is the lake’s crystal transparence. The second important positive factor is its warm waters. It never freezes, keeping acceptable temperatures even in the most severe frosts.

Currently, over twenty species of fish can be found in the waters of Lake Issyk-Kul. Spearfishing has become one of the types of services for companies who organize sightseeing and excursions to the lake.

Undoubtedly, many legends about the sunken cities of antiquity, the Christian tombs and treasures of the great khans attract a great number of tourists, who want to find the remains of flooded towns and villages, which exist indeed.

In some certain areas of the lake’s bottom, divers often find the remains of brick and ceramic objects, bronze ornaments and household items, made of different materials, the bones of animals and humans. In spite of the fact that archaeological excavations are carried out here often, the lake is still explored too little, and one can only guess how many secrets and discoveries still hidden in the depths of one of the deepest lakes in the world.

Having taken the decision on diving in the Issyk-Kul lake, you won’t be wrong. Professional instructors and modern equipment will make diving your hobby. It's so interesting to discover the world of undersea environment and become a small part of it, isn’t it?