Paragliding is one of the easiest, newest and less money-losing kinds of air sports.

Paraglider is the slowest of all aircrafts heavier than air.Typical airspeed, relative to the air, is about 20-70 km per hour. It appears to be one of the safest aircrafts due to its low speed, disposition of training models for entering the stationary modes of gliding independently and due to the minimum requirements for the landing ground in case of emergency situations.

Because of all these factors paraglider is capable of forgiving some pilot’s errors and it is easy to be trained on.

However, the glider has relatively low flight features that limit badly its ability for planning under the certain weather conditions.

Paraglider is the lightest (about 5- 7 kg) and most reasonable (1,000 euros) of all manned aircrafts. It is an unpowered, ultralight aircraft, not having any hard parts. Its low weight in comparison with gliders and hang-gliders is determined due to the fact that all its structural components work only for stretching and, accordingly, are made of fabric materials.

Paragliding is gaining more and more popularity in Kyrgyzstan. Its history began in the 90s of the 20th century.Nowadays our republic attracts fans of this active rest from Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe and even America. Due to natural features - mountains, occupy 90% of the country’s territory, weather conditions with high thermal activity and atmospheric instability,necessary for flights - paragliding can be developed not only as a kind of sport but also as a tourist industry.

For some people paragliding is a favorite work, for others –a kind of rest and entertainment or a method of self-affirmation.

The main problem of paragliders in Kyrgyzstan is the lack of the legal framework, in comparison with Germany, Austria, Italy, France and other countries, where before receiving a permission to fly, you need to take out insurance, attend special courses and undergo other procedures laid down by law. Therefore, during the training, pilots and their organizations - local clubs - stick to the standards adopted in the world.

Paraglider can be called one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind. Thanks to it a man has achieved one of his long-standing dreams – the dream of a free flight, unity with the planet, not enclosed by cockpit walls or porthole glasses.

For any pilot his psychological attitude and impressions of flights are important. Though, mental approach is also an essential part.In the air, you need to listen to your own feelings and intuition.