Rafting down the mountain rivers

Rafting is a ride down the mountain rivers and artificial rowing canals in inflatable boats (or rafts), designed for 6, 4 or 2 people.

On tumultuous and rich in rapids rivers, rafts without frames and oarlocks are used and canoeing way of paddling is applied (using a single paddle).

Rafting differs fundamentally from other kinds of boating with its ideology and the type of the vessel. This kind of extreme sports is commercial; that is no any previous experience is required for participating in it. It’s enough just to pay for the tour, and you're in a group. In accordance with this, all rivers for rafting are easy of access, i.e. the roads to them are made at the start and finish of the route.

Usually, rivers with plenty of rapids, shivers, rifts and waterfalls are suitable for rafting. Such rivers can be found in mountainous areas or relief terrains. As a result, these areas are poorly or not inhabited at all.

Routes for rafting are classified according to the six-point scale (1-6) category of difficulty.

Rafting is a rather dangerous hobby, especially when the matter concerns routes of the third category of difficulty and higher.

Nevertheless, rafting is an exciting experience for those people who like active rest. Kyrgyzstan is the main area for rafting in Central Asia. The main rivers, where the rides down the rivers are organized are such rivers as: Chu, Chon-Kemin, Kekemeren, Suusamyr, Chatcal, Naryn and Sary -Dzhaz. In Kyrgyzstan there are lots of opportunities for rafting of any difficulty, both simple and super extreme. And riding down the dangerous parts of rivers, overcoming great rapids, you will get a huge adrenaline rush.

A travel on inflatable rafts down the rivers of Kyrgyzstan will give you unforgettable moments that will stay long in your memory, and experienced instructors and guides will not let you doubt in the safety of the event. You will see all the beauty of pristine nature, enjoy the fabulous scenery of the environment and will feel the greatness of the mountains, floating through the deep canyons.