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Cycle tours | evi-tours.com

Cycle tours

Bicycle tour – is the type of organized tourism where you are using bicycle to move around. It is one of the most popular types of active tourism in Europe but it the present moment it is getting more and more popular at the countries of CIS as well. In former Soviet countries this type of activity looks like a short trip around this or that tourist camping. But in fact bicycle tour is very interesting and unusual active pastime which allows you to see the world with help of two-wheel vehicle.

Let’s consider bicycle tour as a tour which is organized by travel agency. The rout you are riding will never lead you to the highway with heavy traffic, the camping you will stay will be always comfortable, and you will never miss any waterfalls or castles.  It is always a possibility to meet new, interesting people in the tour. Moreover there is always a guide next to you who will help you to solve problems.

There are several types of bicycle tours such as:

  • Unescorted tour
  • Escorted tour with guide
  • Adventure tour
  • Exotic tour
  • Mounting bike tour

Unescorted tour is very popular among European, since it is very cheap comparing with other types of the same activity. Travel agency develops specific rout full of different sightseeing, books hotels and offer the following service:

  • Meeting at the airport (not always)
  • Booking all hotels along the route, breakfast inclusive
  • Scheme of rout, so called guide-book, where described all specific features of itinerary
  • Baggage delivery.
  • Papers for visa support
  • «Emergency call». You have a number where you can call to, in case of any problems.

This tour can be organized for group of people as well as for one person. The advantage of type of activity is that you have all time cheap and comfortable logging, interesting rout, you baggage follow you and price is very acceptable.

Escorted tour with guide – is the most popular type of this activity. The group of people from different places and countries come to destination. Upon arrival they sit on bicycles and start their trip under the escort of guide and vehicle with their baggage. Of course this is pretty expensive type of service, just think you need to pay for 24 hours service of guide and for food as well, if food include in the service package. From other side when you are traveling with guide you may know a lot of interesting things which are impossible to learn while you are travelling along. And one more thing, in this type of tour you will never have any problems especially with communications.

Adventure tour - is the same tour with guide, tents and back packs and without escort if vehicle, i.e. your baggage you need to carry by yourself and cook by yourself as well. Usually this type of tour is common for so-called “wild nature”. But this is very logic if you really want to feel this romantic of campfire and staying overnight with heavy rain.

Exotic tours are not bicycle tours around Sea Shells Islands. It is a tour which I organized not in common way. For example it is so-called water-bicycle tour. In other words you ride part of rout by bicycle and other part you travel by ship.

Mounting bikes tour – is a tour by using exactly this type of bike and in the mountings. But in this tour the main aim is the surmounting of the rout itself. So usually the meaning of this tour is to bring customers to this or those routes and pray while there are riding down along the slope.