Motorcycle tours

Motorcycle tour is type of tourism where motorcycle used as means of conveyance. The main meaning of motor tour is to travel by motorcycle to visit and see all sights of this or that country.  

The difficulty of such trips may be ranked and the rout is laid to use all motorcycle’s advantages. The main difference between sport’s activity and this type of tour is that there are no artificial obstacles along the route and there is no need in racing to get sport categories and ranks. In order to join such tour you really have to know how to drive motorcycle and sometimes need to know how to repair it as well.

Motor tour is the best way to became strong and enduring, to develop your technical skills, to enrich your knowledge about topography and get your bearings.

At you option you may choose escorted or unescorted tours.

At the escorted tour, you may travel with guide and escorting vehicle, you will be provided by food, the agency will reserve rooms for you in hotel along you rout and you won’ have any problems with communications since guide al time will be next to you. So all you need is enjoy wonderful sights and speed.

Unescorted tour is held without guide and any support, but you will be provided by guide-book where all sights and rout will be described. Moreover rooms in hotels along you rout will be reserved, so you need to follow the instruction and enjoy your ride.

The type of these tours also can be scaled in accordance with the difficulties of routs;

  • I category of difficulty. – It is asphalt-paved road without local obstacles, or with just occasional obstacles like roads repair.  
  • II category of difficulty – it is so called mixed asphalt-paved road with some part soil with such obstacles as sand.  
  • III category of difficulty – this category is similar with second category, but there are more soil and earth roads than roads with asphalt cover. There are also mountain and wooden tracks, sandy and mud parts and ford. Moreover, in according with the rules of this category, you can’t stay at hotels or hostels and instead of it you may use tents or sleeping bags, also you will need to cook by yourself.
  • IV category of difficulty – it is tour in off-road conditions. Usually there are no roads at all or at most part of the route. To orientate, tourists needs to use GPS or maps. To surmount some obstacles you need use safety equipment and help of other members of the group. Motorcycles need to be equipped with all-terrain tires. The level of self-dependency is very high.
  • V category of difficulty – mounting passes, fords, serpentine roads and deserts are characteristic features of such routs. Safety equipment is used most of time. The best type of vehicle for such type of trips is Enduro motor cycle, which needs some special equipment anyway.
  • VI category of difficulty. – This category is close to the fifth grade, but is characterized by high level of risks. Within almost the whole route there are no roads, gas stations and any housing.