Recreation at Lake Issyk-Kul

Recreation at Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan is very popular among tourists from different countries. It is situated on the height of 1609 meters above the sea and surrounded by mountain ridges. Due to it this location, lake was difficult to reach within long period of time but at the present moment there is a new highway which goes through Boom gorge. Moreover at the Issyk-Kul valley there are two airports at Cholpon-Ata and Tamchy cities.
This is the biggest lake of Kyrgyz Republics and one of the biggest mounting lakes in the world.  The length of coast line is - 688 kilometers, average depth is- 278 meters, the deepest point is 668 meter, the length of the lake from the West to East is 182 kilometer and from South to North is 58 kilometers. Issyk-Kul Lake is subtropical lake. In summer an average temperature of the air is around plus 27 but in winter not less than minus 10. The air moisture is around 64%, and the heat within summer period can be bear easily. But at nights it may be pretty cool. The temperature of the water in summer is between 21-23 degrees Calcium, in winter it is minus 3 – 4 degrees.
Due to warmth accumulation the lake doesn’t freeze in winter time. Only the coastline and some bays of the lake can be covered with the ice. This fact is the meaning of the Lake name, since Issyk-Kyl can be translated as “Warm Lake”.

Eighty rivers flow in the lake but no one of this river comes out from it, which causes saltiness of water in the lake.

Due to the unique climate and incredibly beautiful nature, Issyk-kul Lake is very attractive for tourists to visit. There are lot of different resorts and hotels around lake. Also there is a possibility to find private houses for lodging as well as hostels within summer season, at different prices.

Issyk-kul region can be divided by two parts North and South shore.

The recreation infrastructure is more developed on North shore. In each village along the coast you may see advertisements about free rooms, cottages and even house where you can stay. Resorts have their own secured territory and of course everywhere there is lot of different tours by ship around the Lake, by horses or cars to the gorge which is closed to the lake. There are a lot of entertainments such as water-ski, water-boats, water-bikes, catamarans and any other types.

South shore has more unique and pure nature, it is not so crowded and more attention paid to the development of tours around some sights of this side of the Lake.