The definitions of Free-riding can easily understanding from the word itself.  This is the style of skiing, snowboarding or even bicycle riding in untracked paths. It is ride without rules, restrictions; only you and beautiful mountains nature.

 It is considered that exactly this way of winter sport activity gives you best opportunity to feel the whole possibilities of mountain ski and snowboard.

 Free-riding activity can be divided by several types:

-Light Free-riding is the most popular type of this activity, it means to use the chair lift or other type of elevator to reach the start point and further ride in the free snow.

-Backcountry free-riding – is the type when you need climbing to mountains and goes down in the virgin snow. It is the most wide-spread free-riding activity in spite of difficult way for reaching start point.

-Heli-ski type is characterized by delivering people to the mountain top by helicopter. It allows you to see the best way of going down. This type is the most expensive free-riding and it is prohibited in some areas.

-Cat-skiing is delivery of riders’ right to the top of the mountain by the snowcat trucks; this way is cheaper than heli-skiing.

-Snow-motor boarding is skiing in according with rules of water skiing but they are using snowmobile instead of boat and snow is instead of water.

Free-riding is not activity for just-a-beginners .First of all skiers has to know how to control the board or ski on any terrain especially on snow-powder, and have such skill as basic alpinist and rescue habits. Moreover you really need to adapt to the changeable mountain states and ability to understand the mountain terrain under the snow.

All interested persons have to be equipped with snowboard or ski for deep snow, helmet, walkie-talkie and individual rescue kit in case of avalanche.