Heli-skiing   is a real of pleasure for inveterate extreme sportsmen as well as skier-amateurs.

Heli-skiing sport could be translated as skiing from the helicopter. The meaning of this activity is to deliver people by helicopter to hard-to-reach flank of hill and riding down in the free untracked snow.  By using helicopter there is possibility to find different ways of descents from such points which are difficult to reach otherwise.

From the 1960-s heli-skiing is getting more famous sports activity among the world. There is a possibility to have several people in the group, depends on the helicopter's load capacity. Also customers may choose the flank of mountains where they would like to descents from.

The professional guide has to escort the group from the beginning till the end of trip. He has to know the specific details about each descent. In spite of the fact that many travel agencies assert you that there is no necessity to be pro, we advise you at least to know how to handle the technique of downhill in fresh powder on flanks of mountains with different slopes.

No matter what travel agencies may say, you need to remember that heli-skiing is considered as extreme sports activity. Each skier must have especial equipment for quick people searching in avalanche, because this is often thing in mountains.

At the present moment the most popular mountain areas for heli-skiing are in USA and Europe and now Kyrgyzstan has taken deserved place among it.

Kyrgyzstan is a “paradise” for such sport as heli-skiing. 

Thousands of mountain downslopes and thousands kilometers of fresh powder, glared under south sun, is waiting for you. 

The best places for making ride are Suusamyr, Karakol and mountain ridge Ala-Too. The other advantage of this sport activity is the fact that you can enjoy it not only in winter time but as spring season as well.