UAE : Dubai will develop medical tourism

Dubai authorities announced plans to expand the medical infrastructure of the emirate by 2020, so that 500,000 tourists coming for treatment could visit the country every year.

By 2020, Dubai will construct 22 additional hospitals and almost 4000 health workers will be taken for work.

"Our goal is to attract 500,000 people every year, who will come only for the purpose of medical tourism," - said the head of Dubai's Department of Health (DHA) Isa Al Maydur (Essa Al Maidoor).

In 2012, Dubai was visited 107,000 people. According to the publication, medical tourists will be offered a special package that includes different types of visas depending on the type of treatment, as well as staying in a hotel and other amenities.

According to the DHA, every hospital in Dubai will receive its rating similarly to the hotels’ rating - from 1 up to 5 stars. The publication notes that this strategy is primarily focused on the residents of the CIS, the Persian Gulf and South Asia.